Arc Review: FAIR CHANCE by Josh Lanyon


Josh Lanyon

SeriesAll’s Fair #3
Genre: LGBTQIA, Mystery, Romance
Publisher: Carina Press
Pages: /
Release date: March 13th 2017

Elliot Mills comes face-to-face with evil in this follow-up to Fair Game and Fair Play from bestselling author Josh Lanyon

One final game of cat and mouse…

WARNING: I’ve chosen to omit most of the blurb because it gives away a lot of plot points

“You should be worried.”

Fair Chance is exactly what we expect a Josh Lanyon book to be: amazing. It is the perfect mix of mystery and romance, and the story is fast-paced and engaging. It follows the events of the previous books, especially what happens in Fair Game (book #1), and it is a worthy third installment in the All’s Fair series.

The murder-mystery is engaging, and once again Lanyon shows us how well he can write and build up suspense. The novel is told from Elliot’s POV, and we find him and Tucker in love and still living together. The main arc is introduced right away in a pretty interesting and, you guessed it, mysterious way. The plot does get a little convoluted towards the end, and a little bit unbelievable, but overall this is an enjoyable read that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

One thing I love about this series is the relationship between Elliot and Tucker. They’ve gone through difficult times together, and have learned from past mistakes. The development of them as characters and of their relationship is one of the best aspects of the series, and this book only serves to add to that.

There are a lot of threads to follow regarding the mystery, and at one point it does get a bit confusing following along. There are a lot of characters and names to remember, as well as a few people who are connected in some curious ways to characters who appeared in the previous installments. Things do get cleared up by the end, which is composed of a series of extremely convenient facts that lead to the conclusion being a little… unbelievable. But this is fiction, so I know most readers will be able to overlook it.

Even so, Fair Chance is a very good continuation of this incredible series. The writing is great as always, the balance between mystery and romance is done very well, and Elliot and Tucker make my heart flutter. I don’t know what the author’s plans are, but I feel like there is still a lot more to explore about Elliot, Tucker, and the troubles they get into. I recommend this to all Lanyon fans and to anyone who enjoys a good mystery.




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